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The top cryptocurrencies in the world collectively and actually represent a hundreds of billions of dollars of value. What makes these cryptocurrencies so special? And why are they worth more than the thousands of other cryptocurrencies which exist today? Let’s have a look at these cryptocurrencies for the answers.

1) Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is the world’s first blockchain-based cryptocurrency and it continues to be the world’s largest best-known cryptocurrency till date. The Bitcoin may not be referred to the fastest cryptocurrency nor the most technologically-advanced one but yet it has something which no other cryptocurrency will ever have.

2) Ethereum:

Ethereum still continues to hold the number two position in the list of the largest cryptocurrencies by the market cap, although it has lost the number two position to XRP several times in the last year. But nevertheless, Ethereum’s Ether (ETH) which is a digital token continues to rein the supreme.

3) XRP:

XRP which is the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple’s payment platform has a flagship protocol, called XCurrent, which does not use the XRP digital currency. But however, Ripple’s rapidly growing xRapid does use the XRP currency.

4) Bitcoin Cash:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was launched through the hard fork on August 1, 2017 which was after bitcoin’s developers got split into two communities. One part of the community wanted a bigger blocksizes and a better scalability while the other part of the community wanted the bitcoin to be continued with no scaling solution, with long transaction times, and with high transaction fees.

5) Litecoin:

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency which is based on the open source global payment network that which is not controlled by any of the central authority and it uses “scrypt” as its proof of work, which is decoded with the help of the CPUs of the consumer grade.

6) Monero:

Monero was actually launched with a strong focus on the decentralization and the scalability. It enables a complete privacy by using the special technique called as “ring signatures.”

7) Dash:

Dash which is originally known as the darkcoin is the more secretive version of the bitcoin. It offers more anonymity as it works on the decentralized master code of the network that which makes the transactions almost untraceable.

8) Neo:

Since 2017, NEO has experienced the most successful year and continued till date. From the value of $0.16 per token in January of 2017, it has climbed to about $162 per token by a year later. This constitutes a return of more than 111,000% which is a one key to the NEO’s success and has been the support to its programming in many existing languages, including the Go, Java, C++, and many others.

9) Cardano:

Cardano offers a good platform for the Dapps and the smart contracts, similar to Ethereum before it. Beyond that, the ADA also aims to solve few of the most pressing problems that are plaguing the cryptocurrencies everywhere which includes interoperability and scalability.

10) EOS:

EOS is the newest entrant in the list of Market Cap. The EOS ICO is the world’s largest ICO till date and is rising to $4 billion. It is created by; the EOS launched its main net in June 2018 after its successful ICO. The goal of EOS is very simple, to create a decentralized app platform which is superior to Ethereum.

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