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Zichain is a Switzerland-based blockchain finance company and a pioneer of the cryptocurrency index industry, having launched the world’s first cryptocurrency indexation and analysis service in December 2017. Combining its extensive experience in the world of traditional finance with the cutting-edge technology, the company is developing a range of simple, safe and trusted products that allow everyone to successfully invest into cryptocurrencies, track the performance of their investments, and receive the latest crypto market data. Zichain is currently focused on the development of four key products: a unique and convenient platform for asset managers who wish to launch their own white label funds; a range of cryptocurrency index funds based on a family of crypto indices; a new infrastructure for the collection and analysis of industry news and market data; and a crypto-fiat exchange platform.

Zichain is a one-stop-shop for blockchain finance, with the mission of making it safe, orderly and accessible to everyone. Zichain takes a leading role in creating a cryptocurrency asset management industry for private and institutional investors, combining best practices of traditional financial world with innovative technologies. Zichain developing an ecosystem comprised of several key products: a platform for starting and managing investment funds, news and market data provider with a marketplace for asset managers, and index funds based on a family of our own cryptocurrency indices.


1. BAMP (Blockchain Asset Management Platform)
BAMP is the platform for starting customized investment funds in just one click, offering the automated infrastructure: decentralized storage of assets; investment policy statement verification; fees accounting and withdrawal; financial reporting.
With BAMP you can:

  • Create your legal crypto fund in seconds
  • Attract investors and manage portfolio of digital currencies
  • Take advantage of the industrial-grade asset security
  • Trade on major cryptocurrency exchanges through one terminal

2. TheIndex.Fund: the world’s first range of cryptocurrency index funds.

  • Buy one token and get a diversified and adjustable portfolio of cryptocurrencies
  • Five different funds for each of the crypto indexes
  • Transparent investment approach and low fees
  • High security requirements

3. CryptoEYE.pro: Multilingual news and market data provider and marketplace for BAMP and TheIndex.Fund.

  • Explore the whole crypto universe through one window
  • Understand the basics of every cryptocurrency or blockchain project
  • Obtain comprehensive and well-defined market data
  • Receive news and analytics related to your portfolio
  • Develop your investment strategies and backtest trading ideas

Visit website: http://cryptoeye.com/en/

4. ZICHANGE.IO: Crypto-broker offering the simple purchase of digital currency.

  • Buy or sell cryptocurrency for fiat money in an instant
  • Get the best rates with low fees
  • Exchange large amounts of cryptocurrency seamlessly
  • Choose one of the wide variety of payment methods

Visit website: http://zichange.io/


Zitoken (ZCN) is the ERC20 token in the Ethereum blockchain, which acts as an internal currency fuelling the ecosystem of Zichain services. The ERC20 standard is used to facilitate transparent, low cost transactions within the platform, and to provide users with convenient and secure opportunity to store tokens. With Zitoken, both investors and managers can pay for our numerous services at a 30% discount.

Total supply: 703.125000 Zitokens
64% 450.000.000 Zitokens: For TGE
21% 147.656.250 Zitokens: For Team
10% 70.312.500 Zitokens: For Advisors
2% 14.062.500 Zitokens: For Bounty program
2% 14.062.500 Zitokens: For Referral Program
1% 7.031.250 Zitokens: For Airdrop

Token Generation Event

Private sale: During this stage, which will be 4 weeks long, up to 80,000,000 tokens will be sold. The private sale is divided into 2 rounds. The price of the first round is US$0.035, or 65% discount off the final token price. The token price of the second round is US$0.06, or 40% discount off the final price. The preliminary sale of tokens will allow the company to raise the minimum necessary capital for continuing current products development and launching a marketing campaign. Private sale hard cap is US$2.8 mln.

Pre-sale: During this stage, the price of a token will be US$0.08 (20% discount on the final price). The public pre-sale doesn’t have individual hard cap as the private sale. Therefore, not more than 370,000,000 additional tokens will be sold. The pre-sale of tokens starts May 21, 2018.

Token Sale: all remaining tokens will be on sale (450 million subtracted the number of tokens sold during previous rounds). Tokens will be sold at US$0.1 each. If the fundraising goal is reached before the end of the TGE, the unallocated tokens will be burned. The token sale starts July 2, 2018.



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