[Overview] ETERBANK – Squre for crypto, Crypto to FIAT Retail POS

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Eterbank is The first real-world payment solution for crypto – allowing shops, bars and businesses to settle automatically in fiat through a simple POS app. With Eterbank businesses have zero risks related to cryptocurrencies such as fluctuations and regulations. Charging a customer is as simple as creating a charge with square while allowing your customers to pay with cryptocurrencies.

Eterbank offers the worlds first solution for bringing crypto coins into the real world by making charging payments to crypto users easier then creating a credit card charge, though a Point-of-Sale mobile app dealing only in fiat currency.

Eterbank’s mission is to actively supply the highest level of technology in the consumer to business payments, enforcing low fees, ultimate security, efficiency and transparency to all parties involved in the transaction. Eterbank allows retailers to charge cryptocurrency users for their goods and services through a simple Point-of-Sale mobile application for smartphones and tablets while settling all payments in their desired legal tender currency, thus avoiding any problems connected to cryptocurrency and retail.


EterPOS: Eterbank’s Point-of-Sale mobile application and a robust business intelligence solution that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments and acts as a full fledged business management solution for small, medium and large scale retailers.

EterPos allows shops, restaurants and services to charge payments from cryptocurrency users as easily as charging in cash:

  • 0 knowledge required
  • Fast in-app onboarding
  • Multi currency support
  • Charge in Dollars, get paid in Dollars
  • 1% transaction fee
  • iOS & Android phones and tablet supported

Eterwallet: Eterbanks cryptocurrency wallet and mobile application that allows uses to make payments at participating EterPOS retailers. The multi-currency crypto wallet app enabling payments for goods and services at EterPOS participating merchants.

EterPay (EPAY): The tokens distributed in Eterbank’s Token Sale Event, giving holders monetary value within the network in the form of credit and subsidies for purchases.


Token name: EterPay

Token code: EPAY

Token price: $0.30

Pre-sale cap: 10.000.000 EPAY

Total crowd-sale: 120.166.665 EPAY

Total issued tokens: 200.000.000 EPAY


Token sale: 120,166,666

Founders: 18,000,000

Advisor pool: 5,000,000

Developer pool: 15,000,000

Marketing pool: 15,000,000

Legal pool: 5,000,000

Principal development: 10,000,000

Buffer: 11,833,334

Total funds to be raised: $33,333,333

The funds raised during the token sale are meant to ensure:

  • Core Product Development
  • Further Product Advancement and Upgrades
  • Continuous Security implementations
  • Exchanger & Processing Company operations
  • Company Employee payroll
  • B2B, B2C Marketing & Sales

Private Pre-sale: SOLD OUT

Public Pre-sale: ONGOING

TSE Will be start in:

-75Days -5Hours -13Minutes -4Seconds

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