[overview] Access Network – Decentralizing Financial Inclusion

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ACX Network is a self-sustaining token economy that empowers participants to define financial access for themselves. Participants are incentivized to create long-term value for one another by democratically controlling the distribution of the Network’s Incentive Pool. These interactions are enabled by a modular suite of smart contracts that self-amend and distribute funds throughout the ecosystem according to the will of the network.

ACX Network was built by the team behind Atlas Money, a P2P branchless banking platform that has successfully pioneered the digitization of door-to-door financial services in Ghana and Senegal. Atlas was founded with the vision of open and shared economies, and believes in a world in which everyone may co-own everything and co-create anything. Atlas believes that Together, ACX can achieve true financial and wealth inclusion.

Atlas will integrate with ACX Network as its first exchange in West Africa, leveraging over 300 agents and 17,000 users to become ACX Network exchanges and token holders, respectively. In addition to bootstrapping fiat-to-crypto liquidity in the developing world, Atlas will work with Access to offer mobile wallets and other services that enable greater participation in the ACX Network and the broader crypto revolution.

Total supply: 6,000,000,000 ACX
27% Token Generation Event: 1,620,000,000 ACX
27% Access Underserved Exchange: 1,620,000,000 ACX
27% Incentive Pool: 1,620,000,000 ACX
12% Founders: 720,000,000 ACX
4% Advisors: 240,000,000 ACX
3% Community Rewards: 180,000,000 ACX

40% Access Development
25% Access Community Exchanges
20% Incentive Pool
10% Gas Fees
3% Marketing & Storytelling
2% Legal Fees

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