New era of content sharing. Enjoy sharing! And get Your Share!

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NXAD – New era of content sharing
Bring mass adoption of blockchain technology to the world!

NXAD is an acronym for NeXt generation ADvertising. NXAD is a new affiliate marketing system based on the NEO blockchain that allows advertisers to directly interact with people that want to share links to their friends on social channels and social messengers. NXAD aims to bring back the value to the users by offering an alternative way of advertising and content sharing which is revolutionary, simple and effective!


“X-ADs” are a new form of Ads that contain a link to “exciting” online content created by an “advertiser”. An advertiser is simply anyone who adds an X-AD to the pool of X-ADs (the NXAD Cosmos) with a token reward attached to it. In simple terms: anyone who connects a link with a reward in NXA tokens. A sharer is anyone who discovers an X-AD and decides to create a Personal Sharing Link (PSL) from an X-AD. The Personal Sharing Link is then spread by the sharer anywhere he wants (WhatsApp, Telegram, Youtube, Facebook, Blog, etc.). Everytime someone clicks (unique clicks only) on the link from a geolocation the advertiser defined upfront, the sharer earns NXA tokens. It is important to note the versatility of the system. So, who can use NXAD?

  • Anyone can be an advertiser, ranging from any individual to big brands simply looking for (more) traffic on a link.
  • Anyone can be a sharer, regular people who want to share content that they like with their friends while getting paid for it, to heavyweight influencers with a mass of followers!

And the best thing – you can be both with only one account and switch between the roles within a second! its designed NXAD in such a way as to make it as easy as possible to participate in the NXAD ecosystem. This applies both to advertisers (people who want to spread their content) and to “link sharers”, who publish this content in the form of an PSL to their social channels. This section will give a brief overview of how each of the actors will experience NXAD.

How NXAD works

Anyone can browse the NXAD Cosmos
for interesting X-ADs for which they can create a personal sharing links.

Sharers earn NXA tokens
as reward for each unique click on their personal sharing link!

Sharers and advertisers
both see their statistics based on each X-AD and/or personal sharing link.

Lets try and explorer NXAD MVP for to know more about this platform, please visit:

NXA token

NXA is a token based on the NEO blockchain technology, used as a unit of exchange in the new blockchain-based affiliate marketing system. NXA tokens are non-refundable and they do not constitute securities. NXA tokens give no rights in the NXAD company and do not represent a participation in the company. There is no promise of future performance. There is no suggestion or promise that the NXA token has or will hold a particular value.

Total number of NXA tokens: 2.600.000.000 NXA
Number of tokens offered during ICO: 1.560.000.000 NXA
Token Type: NEO NEP-5
Price: 1 NXA = 0,019 Euro (~0,022 USD)
Accepted crytocurrencies: NEO, GAS, BTC, ETH
Soft cap in € 5.250.000
Hard cap in € 29.640.000

Distribution of NXA token

60% ICO
14% Vested company reserve
11% Team
4% Advisors
4% Bounty
4% Reserve for exchange
3% Airdrop for advertisers

Budget allocation

38% Marketing & sales
32% Software development and research
20% Business development & operating expenses
5% Legal
5% Remuneration to team for set-up of ICO

NXAD launch bounty campaign, details information please visit:

Know more about NXAD please visit: