ICECHAIN – High-Throughput Transactional System

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What is IceChain?

IceChain is the next-generation distributed ledger technology which takes blockchain to the next level, IceChain aims to bring a solution to the current problem of scalability which traditional blockchain based networks are having. And its can do this by using IceChain’s double chain setup, sharding and hash power distribution. IceChain will handle over 100,000 transactions per second across any industry, from finance, electronics, electricity, telecommunications, food, autonomous vehicles, and real estate to name a few. This will save costs and provide the highest level of transparency.

lceChain will be able to scale as need and also be able to handle any amount of distribution. Using this model, lceChain will be able to offer high-throughput blockchain users are already looking for; something safe, fast and cheap (if not free) to transact on. Since the platform will run on a distributable network, it will allow the ICH coin to integrate into common purchase transactions, offering a decentralized and fast service.

Main Features on the lceChain Network:

  • lceChain maintains a horizontal scalability option, running each node as a full node which creates the same security against attacks as what a traditional blockchain offers.
  • lceChain network was designed from the outset with this scalability feature in mind, so it will run smoothly and will offer high throughput.
  • The lceChain network is safe and well protected by 50% hash power distribution.


IceChain will use the ICH token. It has been designed to be the main token for the IceChain network. The ICH will issue at the outset as ERC20 token on Ethereum network and will migrate to the IceChain own network.
Total Supply: 1.000.000 ICH token

Distribusi token

Token sale

Private sale: private sale was indeed completed in September and have collected 17778 ETH from private investors in Macao. Tokens will be locked for 24 months (Private sale, Team) and gradually released to the investors.

Public sale:
Start: November 16th, 2018
End: November 21, 2018
Price: 1 ETH = 16,700 ICH
Softcap: N/A
Hardcap: 11976 ETH

Public sale just run for 5 days, so make sure you are regist KYC if you plan to contribute in this project here:
Kyc registration start 01/11/2018 – 11/11/2018 and only for 999 Whitelisted participant (lottery winners).

For more info about IceChain please visit: