Get free Qravity (QCO) token by joining this airdrop

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Qravity is a decentralized content production and distribution platform where creators own and profit from their work. Qravity provides a space for creative visionaries to collectively develop original monetizable digital content, including movies, music, games, e-books, and applications. The platform uses virtual tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to track digital content creation, distribute project stakes among team members, and bring Qravity-produced content finalized on Qravity directly to market. Blockchain technology makes the platform’s transactions transparent in terms of revenue, product distribution, and profit sharing.

Ok, how to join?

1) Join the Qravity Telegram group:
2) Follow Qravity Twitter:
3) Retweet this tweet:
4) fill the form here:

1) Complete all steps of the form
2) Spam in Qravity’s Telegram group will result in immediate ban from airdrop. Do not promote other project/links
3) Airdrop questions should be sent to or read FAQ. Please do not ask in the Telegram group, in most cases this isn’t beneficial to community members.

Rewards: 85 Qravity (QCO) token (~$7.50) + bonus 15 Qravity (QCO) token (~$1.25) if you refer/invite your friends.

Note: Maximum Airdrop participants is 25.000.Airdrop is conducted in multiple phases. You can only join 1 phase, but your referral link works in all phases! Other way, you can get free Qravity (QCO) token by support and participate on Qravity bounty campaign here:

Know more about Qravity:

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