Fidelity Suite – Loyalty Program Platform

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The new generation of Loyalty Program based on blockchain

Fidelity Suite – a new kind of blockchain-based loyalty program. Fidelity Suite has been developed for simplify and revolutionize the loyalty rewards ecosystem, adding more features and benefits to all participants. The Hybrid System (STK + the fixed value of SCT) will provide also stability and security, without being worried about the price oscillation during the daily usage.
FidelitySuite is a platform where it will be possible to accumulate loyalty points from stores and adherent hypermarkets (without the necessity of having multiple cards) and to convert them into services or money through the SuiteCredits (STC) and the token (STK).

STK: it is the Suite crypto official currecy. It will be possible to trade in exchanges, the listing agreements are in progress and, anyway it will be possible to trade on decentralized exchanges. STK will be entitled to the periodic airdrop of SCT.

SCT: they are the points collected and exchanged among the different users of the FidelitySuite platform. They will not be listed in exchange and will have a pre-established unit value. They will allow the access to the services offered by the FidelitySuite platform.

Fidelity Suite launch airdrop campaign with total rewards 250.000 STK Tokens. Eligible Participants will receive 25 STK (worth roughly 5$).

How to join?

1. Join Fidelity Suite Telegram Group
2. Follow on Twitter:
and Retweet this tweet:
3. Like Fidelity Suite Facebook Page:
and share this post:
4. After that, please fill this Form > here
5. Post proof of Authenticity in this thread:
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I just joined the FidelitySuite airdrop.
telegram username: exa***e (example with **)
twitter username: example

Airdrop Rules:

  • Remain in official social page (twitter, Telegram, Facebook) till the end of the ICO
  • Questions/spam/posts regarding the airdrop are prohibited on the Official Chat.
  • For questions regarding the airdrop please use the Bounty Chat on Telegram ( )
  • STK tokens will be sent out to all eligible participants after the end of the ICO
  • NO KYC required

STK airdrop will end on 31st December 2018 or after reaching the 10.000 users Hard Cap.

Know more about Fidelity Suite please visit…