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Doctor Smart is an ecosystem that empowers people to manage their healthcare wherever they are in the world, 24/7. Built on blockchain technology, the ecosystem helps to make interactions between all participants transparent and simple and will make affordable healthcare accessible to everyone. This ecosystem will enable the integration of existing infrastructure, including hospitals and healthcare clinics, while connecting care providers and clients worldwide. The Doctor Smart ecosystem will use blockchain technology and smart contracts to integrate innovative new technologies with the infrastructure of the traditional healthcare system, such as offline medical facilities and insurance companies. Doctor Smart is able to provide clear and automatically executable insurance policies to its users, based on smart contracts,. This format involves participation of the three parties: patients, medical clinics and insurance companies. This format also helps to minimize influence of the factor having the most potential for abuse – the human factor – which was previously unattainable.

The platform facilitates mutual financial settlements, open access to medical records and to specialists’ certification status. Doctor Smart is a digital healthcare platform, whose embedded telehealth, telemedicine and AI solutions are designed to deliver world class medical consultations to patients anywhere, at any time. The Doctor Smart platform facilitates an integrated ecosystem for all parties relevant to medical consultations, from doctors to patients to insurance companies and more. The implementation of smart contracts allows to introduce telemedicine services to insurance programs, while reducing costs for the provision of online consultations by automating large parts of the process for all parties.

Doctor Smart Provides All Necessary Consultations:


  • 24/7 access to instant medical advice
  • Facilitates either video or voice calls with a specialist
  • Users have to wait no longer than a minute to get answers
  • All specialists are highly qualified


Doctor Smart-token

Doctor Smart will use two types of blockchain: 1. Quorum 2. Ethereum

  • Doctor Smart based Qourum (private) will be used for record all transactions within the ecosystem, ratings, results of specialists’ certifications and other operations.
  • Doctor Smart based Ethereum (public) will be used that will ensure the wide-scale initial distribution and subsequent liquidity of DSTT tokens, while guaranteeing data inalterability in the private blockchain.

The same tokens are used in private and public blockchain. A limited number of tokens will be issued during the token sale, and there will be no subsequent emission. To transfer tokens between blockchains and to ensure an appropriate level of trust, a special mechanism for moving tokens between blockchains was developed. To implement it, a smart contract PrivPub Transfer will be created on the Ethereum public blockchain. Its task will be to store at its address the amount equivalent to the number of tokens transferred to the private blockchain. Bank smart contract on the side of the private blockchain will work in a similar way. A token owner will be able to transfer their tokens to the smart contract PrivPub Transfer, and the service from a special account the same number of tokens to the same address, but in the private blockchain. The reverse operation takes place in the same way. It means that no tokens are generated or burned for transfer operation. The total amount of tokens within the public and private blockchain will be equal to the sum issued during the token sale.

Token Sale

Token: Doctor Smart Time Token (DSTT)
Closed pre-sale: 17.04 — 15.05.2018
Main token sale: 16.05 — 30.07.2018
Hardcap / Softcap: $50m / $5m
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1000 DSTT
Purchase restrictions: 0.1 ETH minimum
Payment accepted in: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC

The token sale platform use:



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