Digipay Network – A Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for E-Commerce

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What is the Digipay Network?

Digipay is a payment gateway that accepts cryptocurrency payments and allows merchants to sell goods or services at which consumers can buy and pay in a secure way. This results in cheaper, faster, easier, more secure and convenient payments. Digipay will be the future of the online payments.

  • The payment can be paid in a secure way, without the need to involve a third party.
  • Digipay allows anyone to pay for products or services from anywhere in the world, regardless of country or language.
  • A smart payment solution for E-Commerce, allows integrating cryptocurrency payments into websites and E-Commerce platforms.
  • Digipay accepts multiple cryptocurrencies and automatically converts Fiat to a cryptocurrency amount using LIVE Exchange Rates.

Digipay network launch Airdrop campaign (round II) with total allocation 1000 eth worth of DIP token for first 5000 participant. Every participant will be given 1,000 FREE DIP Tokens. Tokens will be distributed within 2 weeks after the end of the Token Sale.
To be eligible for the Airdrop, every participant will have to follow the below rules:

  1. Join digipay Telegram Channel: https://t.me/digipaynetworkofficial
  2. Follow digipay network on Twitter: https://twitter.com/digipaynetwork
  3. Retweet the pinned Tweet and Tag 3 friends
  4. Fill out the form: CLICK HERE

After that, Post “proof of authentication” in this Thread: CLICK HERE

#proof of authentication
Bitcointalk Username:
Telegram Username:



  • Participants who have successfully registered the first Airdrop campaign will not be accepted to take part in this campaign.
  • Make sure that you will remain connected with digipay Telegram, Twitter until the end of the Token Sale.
  • Do not change your Telegram/Twitter Username until the end of the Token Sale.
  • One Telegram/Twitter Username can be only submitted once.
  • One Ethereum Wallet Address cannot be submitted multiple times.
  • Digipay team NEVER ask you for Private Key of your Ethereum Wallet nor will we be asking for any donations from you in order to receive DIP tokens.


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