AVINOC – Airdrop $1.500.000 worth of AVINOC tokens

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AVINOC is a consistent, integrated and permissionless base data layer for decentralized, transparent and worldwide coordination of business flights within the general aviation, to achieve optimal utilization and reduce costs significantly.


The AVINOC token is the resource, the “fuel” of the blockchain solution, and ensures the integrity of the data. AVINOC tokens are used to publish flight offers and for bookings in the system. The token is traded locally on exchanges and circulates globally within the system. In addition, tokens are used to pay for tickets, crews, fuel, airport fees, and much more. Several aviation industry vendors can integrate tokens into their systems and apps, and maximize the value of their solutions with AVINOC. After the launch of AVINOC and as the market grows, so does the utility value and potentially the value of the token.
Earn bonus points totaling $ 1,500,000.00. Accomplish current missions and get valuable bonus points to exchange them for AVINOC tokens at AVINOC Airdrop.

Rule to participate

1- Join to www.avinoc.com
2- Login with your social network
3- connect your social network and collect point

4- 08/01/2018 you will receive a proportional amount of tokens with an estimated value of USD
5- post authentication here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4420933.0

  • etheruem address:
  • telegram name:
  • twitter handle :


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