[Airdrop 1.500.000 tokens] Coolomat – Disrupting The Global Groceries Marketplace

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Coolomat is an automated Click & Collect solution, with an electronically managed system of lockers available 24 hours. It is adapted for food storage, as well as regular parcels. Coolomat Market will change the online e-commerce grocery sector with an innovative approach connecting customers and producers, big and small, over a new innovative online platform utilizing blockchain technology and open source software. A big “game changer” is the connection to physical click & collect pick up point devices – Coolomats. The devices present the first and the only worldwide network of such kind.

1.500.000 tokens will be given away, valued at 150.000$ to anybody who joins Coolomat Telegram group and leaves a few messages. You can also earn extra rewards by inviting a friend who will complete the same steps.

In order to participate in Coolomat airdrop, follow these simple steps:

*Please note, the tokens will be distributed after the ICO.

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